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About Us

            Management of the Prague MP

                        Management of the Prague Municipal Police

Ing. Šuster - Chief Executive CE's office

Mgr. Klema - Deputy for Operations Deputy's Secretariate

Mgr. Kožíšková - Deputy for Economics Deputy's Secretariate

            Units of the Prague MP

                        District Headquarters of the Prague MP 1 - 15

                                    Prague 1 District Headquarters

            The district of Prague 1 which is situated in the city centre on both banks of the Vltava river is the most popular tourist destination from all around Prague and is also the official administrative centre of the Czech Republic. The President, the Parliament and the Government have their official residences here. The Prague Castle, the Old Town Square with Orloj, the Charles Bridge or Jewish Quarter are the most famous landmarks in this district.

            The Prague 1 District Headquarters' (Prague 1 DHQ) territory is comprised of the very city centre and thus the role of this HQ among the rest is very specific. Homeless people, drug users, drug dealers and other potentially dangerous individuals are the biggest obstacles of maintaining the public order.

            During tourist seasons there are several "Mobile Stations" available for tourists (and locals) to visit when they find themselves in an urgent need for help. There are also interpreters ready to ensure better quality of communication.

            The Prague 1 DHQ is responsible for transporting drunk (or intoxicated in a different manner) individuals to sobering-up stations (this DHQ also responds to requests by other DHQ's or the State Police).

            Inspections in places where walking on greenery is prohibited are regularly carried out. Patrols will also inspect dog owners, as they visit such places very frequently. Increased attention is paid to parked vehicles and to proper obeying the rules of providing TAXI services.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 1 District Headquarters

            Bc. Miroslav Stejskal

            Employed since 1991

                                    District Headquarters for Prague 2

            The district of Prague 2 is situated in the central area of the city on the right bank of the Vltava river. It comprises areas of Vyšehrad, the New Town, Vinohrady and Nusle. It offers interesting combination of historical landmarks and townhouses, with both greenery and urban amenities. There are more than 49 000 citizens in this district.

            The most significant features are the Vyšehrad area and numerous parks, such as Folimanka, Riegerovy sady, Havlíčkovy sady, Čechovy sady and Malá Štěpánská. The patrols in this area focus mainly on maintaining the public order and protection of greenery with  emphasis on the Charles Square Park. Besides their regular duties, the officers focus on criminally troublesome individuals, erotic (adult) service offers  and searching for syringes left behind by drug users. Inspections on the sale of alcohol to minors are regularly carried out.

            Currently, the so called "School Police" is active. The officers of this "Police" (who are ordinary members of the MP) visit schools and educate children on prevention (drug use, bully, violence, etc.). Efforts are made to control and penalize graffiti. The "Timely Intervention System" (collaboration of the Prague City Hall, the Municipal Office of the Prague 2 District, the State Police, involved schools, public prosecutor's offices, courts, the Probation and Mediation Service and the Authority for Social and Legal Protection of Children) is a currently active project that focuses on unified protection of children endangered by socially pathological phenomena, criminal activity, child abuse or neglect. This protection aims at preventing children from any problematical behavior and from becoming victims of such behavior.


            Chief Executive of the Prague 2 District Headquarters

            Bc. Václav Vozdecký

            Employed since 1993



                                    Prague 3 District Headquarters

            The district of Prague 3 is comprised of Žižkov and Vinohrady districts. It is located on the right bank of the Vltava river and it combines agricultural history, memorials of the Hussite Wars and modern architecture. The original townhouses provide for rich nightlife and the greenery for spending free time. Currently, circa 71 000 citizens live in this area.

            Safety of citizens and property belongs to the main goals of the MP. Due to these goals the patrol activity is centered in localities with increased criminal activity (theft, graffiti, damage to public property, etc.).

            In terms of public order, the patrol activity is focused on offences against the night peace (namely around night clubs and similar), of polluting the public area (particularly with dog excrements) and, last but not least, unauthorized blocking of the sidewalks and the roads (construction barriers, pavement areas, advertisement stands etc.). Increased attention is paid to following local ordinances issued by the City Hall (e.g. local ordinance prohibiting begging, about protection of public greenery, about keeping streets and other public areas clean, prohibiting handling pyrotechnical objects, etc.).

            Another duty of the patrols is to pay more attention (1): in areas with increased potential of property damaging offences, vandalism and presence of potentially dangerous individuals (homeless people and drug users). Such findings are then reported to the State Police or the Municipal Office of the Prague 3 District to handle; and (2) in vehicles of public transport and in the areas of the Želivského, Flora, Jiřího z Poděbrad metro stations.

            Due to the characteristics of the built-up area and the constantly rising traffic density in Prague 3, one of the main duties of our officers is to supervise the safety and flow of the traffic and people following the rules of the paid parking zones.

            Increasing the transport safety, particularly related to the pedestrians, is the main priority of the Prague 3 DHQ. In this regard, a special surveillance on street crossings around nearby schools is established and the speed is measured in areas with increased rate of accidents that involve pedestrians.

             Our officers focus on negative phenomena that endanger minors, e.g. slot machines, illegal sale of alcohol to minors, addictive substances abuse, etc. The officers carry out regular cleanliness inspections of all playgrounds, searching for material left behind by drug users (i.e. syringes).


            Chief Executive of the Prague 3 District Headquarters

            Ing. Dušan Machoň

            Employed since 1997


                                    Prague 4 District Headquarters

            The Prague 4 district is located in the southern part of Prague on the right bank of the Vltava river. It is comprised of the Nusle, Michle, Podolí, Braník, Hodkovičky, Krč districts, a part of the Lhotka village and a part of the Záběhlice district, including a few houses in Vinohrady. At the turn of the 19th century this district experienced its greatest development, accompanied by the construction of numerous industrial and residential buildings. Nowadays, it is both, a popular residential area and a destination for spending free time. This district is a home to circa 140 000 citizens.

            The officers maintain the public order, they inspect business stands  (with the help of the Municipal Office of the Prague 4 District) and focus on offences like damage to public greenery and vandalism. They pay special attention to drug users, minors drinking alcohol, disturbing the night peace and sale of tobacco products to minors. In addition, inspecting that businesses abide proper opening hours and the public area is kept clean, is also part of their duty. They check if dogs are properly tagged by a dog ID tag, a chip or a tattoo. In collaboration with relevant authorities, they focus on occurrence of homeless people in abandoned buildings and on TAXI drivers.

            In regard to the traffic, most of the offences committed are: parking vehicles on the sidewalk (in areas where it is not allowed), disrespecting no stopping, no parking and no entry areas. These offences are mostly committed in densely built-up areas where a large number of shops are present. Such shops are hard to supply while following strict traffic rules at the same time. Lately the number of detected offences committed by cyclists and pedestrians has been increasing, due to the increased rate of safety checks.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 4 District Headquarters

            Mgr. René Štýbr

            Employed since 1991


                                    Prague 5 District Headquarters

            The Prague 5 district is located on the left bank of the Vltava river and is comprised of the formerly independent villages Smíchov, Košíře, Motol, Hlubočepy, Radlice, Jinonice-Butovice and Újezd (a small part of the Malá Strana). Former residential area of the working class with villas was transformed into a modern administrative and shopping centre capable of satisfying various demands of its residents. There are more than 84 000 residents living in this area.

            Different districts have different structures and characteristics of their built-up areas. They also differ in the quantity of residents, in the population density, in the traffic density and each district deals with different type of offences. The area in which the Prague 5 DHQ functions totals at 7 148ha. It is the largest area of any DHQ in Prague.

            In regard to maintaining the public order the officers focus on the pedestrian zone on Anděl around the Nový Smíchov shopping centre, the Anděl metro station, the Na Knížecí bus station and the Na Skalce and Kinských parks (in which special park patrols operate).

            In regard to the traffic the officers focus on parked vehicles. The Prague 5 DHQ works very closely with other municipal authorities to solve social, business, traffic and other issues.


            Chief Executive of the Prague 5 District Headquarters

            Mgr. Zdeněk Hejna

            Employed since 1994

                                    Prague 6 District Headquarters

            The Prague 6 district is comprised of the Ruzyně, Liboc, Veleslavín, Vokovice, Dejvice, Střešovice districts and parts of the Břevnov, Sedlec, Bubeneč and Hradčany districts. This district is mostly filled with residential buildings and facilities intended for spending free time. Many elementary and high schools and embassies are located here. There are more than 100 000 residents living in this area.

            In regard to the public order there has been a slight increase of the number of offences against the night peace and local ordinances. More and more cases of disobeying officer's orders or illegal rubbish dumping have been registered.

            The number of serious offences against the safety and flow of the traffic detected has been slowly rising too. The officers focus on speed measuring in areas around nearby schools and on offences committed by cyclists. Parking on street crossings or close to them (min. 5m), on reserved spots for disabled people, on junctions or in no park zones are common subjects of regular inspections.

            Patrolling officers also regularly check places where homeless people and other potentially dangerous individuals often occur.

            The Prague 6 DHQ works closely with other municipal authorities (especially on matters of traffic and protection of the environment).


            Chief Executive of the Prague 6 District Headquarters

            Bc. Zdeněk Kovanda, DiS

            Employed since 1993


                                    Prague 7 District Headquarters

            The Prague 7 district is located in the north from the historical city centre and lays mostly on the left bank of the Vltava river. It is comprised of nearly whole territory of the Holešovice district, a half of the area of Bubeneč and a small part of Libeň. It is an expanding district, administrative centre with residential buildings and urban amenities. There are nearly 43 000 citizens living in this area.

            The officers in this area focus on vehicles parking in the "blue zone" and towing such vehicles.

            The Prague 7 DHQ cooperates with other municipal authorities and the State Police, which helps to organize sports events, cultural events and much more on the territory of the DHQ.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 7 District Headquarters

            Bc. Petr Svatoň

            Employed since 1997

                                    Prague 8 District Headquarters

            The territory of the Prague 8 district comprises 9 other districts: four entire ones (Bohnice, Kobylisy, Čimice, Karlín) and parts of five other (Libeň, Troja, Střížkov, Nové Město and Žižkov). This territory is very diverse in terms of terrain, area and overall characteristics. The southern part (Karlín and Libeň) shares borders with the city centre, the northern part shares them with Dolní Chabry and Březiněves districts. There are more than 110 000 citizens living in the Prague 8 district.

            Palmovka and Florenc are the most problematic localities in terms of maintaining the public order. Dogs and dog owners remain a problem (dogs running off leash and polluting sidewalks and greenery). The officers focus on playgrounds and other places where children play, as there can be often found syringes left behind by drug users.

            Every day inspections of restaurants focused on sale of alcohol to children are carried out.

            In regard to the traffic the officers mostly deal with drivers disrespecting the no entry zones, especially during rush hours in Karlín.

            The officers from the Prague 8 DHQ cooperate with other municipal authorities. Leading commanders actively contribute in the District Council Commission to ensure safety and order on the streets. Cooperation with the State Police is very important and is of a high standard.


            Chief Executive of the Prague 8 District Headquarters

            Mgr. Ing. Jaroslav Kašpárek

            Employed since 1996

                                    Prague 9 District Headquarters

            The Prague 9 district is comprised of the Vysočany, Prosek, Střížkov, Hloubětín, Hrdlořezy historical districts and a part of Libeň. Former industrial settlements have developed into modern residential areas with a very important railway hub.

            The officers focus on maintaining the public order (the pedestrian zone in Jablonecká street, Prosek is a very problematic one). Another important duty is to supervise the peace and order around the metro stations of the A and B lines.

            As to the traffic, the officers focus on parked vehicles in Prosek and around the "Nová Harfa" area. Very often the rules of vehicle parking are broken around the ČKD area on the Kolbenova street where every Saturday and Sunday a flea market takes place. During sports events the number of wrongly parked vehicles is much higher. Wrongly parked vehicles have caused several citizens to complain to the authorities.

            This has resulted in establishing a special parking system which prioritizes the local residents. The traffic situation around the O2 Arena has seen much improvement. Previously during sports events in the arena the streets were crowded with parked vehicles and it was impossible for other vehicles in certain places to ride through.

            We have cooperated with the State Police for a very long time and the results have been very satisfying.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 9 District Headquarters

            Mgr. Vlastimil Olič

            Employed since 1991

                                    Prague 10 District Headquarters

            The Prague 10 district is located in the south-eastern part of Prague and comprises Vršovice, Strašnice, Malešice, Záběhlice, Vinohrady and Michle. This means that there can be found a number of villa districts, housing estates, many sports grounds, greenery and cultural landmarks. There are circa 109 000 citizens living in this area.

            The most frequently committed offence is polluting the public area. Patrolling officers often check if dogs are properly tagged by an ID tag and if their owners clean up after them and if they pay mandatory fees. The officers focus on disposing used syringes left behind by drug users near schools and playgrounds.

            Emphasis is placed on keeping homeless people and other potentially dangerous individuals away from the park onthe  Čechovo square, from the Park Solidarity park, from the Strašnická and Skalka metro stations and from areas around the Tesco Eden and Tesco Skalka shopping centers. The officers constantly check if the public ordinance about protecting the public greenery is obeyed.

            In regard to the traffic the most common offences the officers deal with are: parking on sidewalks, disrespecting no stopping areas, parking near junctions, parking on street crossings and parking in reserved zones. Many problems have arose after establishing the blue parking zones in the Prague 2 and 3 districts. Parking in borderline streets is now very problematic. Occasionally the officers deal with offences of theft and shoplifting in bigger stores and shopping centers. Alcohol consumption and drug usage is strictly monitored in the public areas.


            Our cooperation with various departments of the Prague 10 Municipal Office and the State Police is of a high standard.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 10 District Headquarters

            Ing. Michal Ridl

            Employed since 2001

                                    Prague 11 District Headquarters

            The Prague 11 district is located in the south-east from the city centre and there are nearly 84 000 citizens living in this area. It is comprised of the Chodov, Háje, Újezd u Průhonic, Šeberov, Hrnčíře and Křeslice districts. The Jižní Město I. and II. take up the greatest area of Prague 11.

            The activity of the Prague 11 DHQ is focused mainly on maintaining the public order, the criminality in the streets and major offences in the traffic. In terms of maintaining the public order the officers usually come across unauthorized blocking of the sidewalks and the roads, polluting the public area, illegal waste dumps, vehicle wrecks, dog excrements and vandalism. They also focus on the sale of alcohol to minors and check on suspicious individuals. Thanks to a very good cooperation with the Municipal Office of Prague 11 and the State Police most of the negative phenomena are being effectively eliminated.

            On a daily basis our officers supervise the safety of children on their way to schools, especially on the street crossings. Many elementary schools are involved in the "School Police" project. There are regular patrols present when the youngest children leave their schools to ensure their safety. In Jižní Město the "Park Police" was established that patrols in the Central Park and in the park by the Chodovská tvrz. The Prague 11 district was the first one to involve horses into the regular patrols. These patrols operate in the local forests and parks.

Photos - Prague 11 DHQ events

            Chief Executive of the Prague 11 District Headquarters

            Bc. Petr Schejbal, DiS

            Employed since 1995

                                    Prague 12 District Headquarters

            The Prague 12 district is comprised of the Modřany, Komořany, Cholupice, Točná and Kamýk districts. There are several big industrial facilities along the Vltava river. This district also offers the citizens many possibilities for recreation and sport activities. There are circa 64 000 citizens living in this area.

            In regard to maintaining the public order the area of the Modřanská rokle, the local cycling path, Komořany and the Točná airport are in the main focus. The officers regularly check dog owners and inspect on restaurants and bars as these are the places where the night peace is often disturbed. Our officers also regularly supervise the safety of children on the street crossings near elementary schools.

            As to the traffic, the officers focus on the no entry for trucks and no entry zones and on wrongly parked vehicles (particularly on trucks parking in forbidden areas during the night time). The speed measuring has contributed to overall safety of the traffic.

            Special attention is paid to pedestrians crossing the streets outside the highlighted crossings and to vehicles parked on spots reserved for disabled people.

            Our cooperation with the departments of the Municipal Office of Prague 12 and the State Police is of a high standard.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 12 District Headquarters

            Mgr. Gejza Ulehla

            Employed since 1993

                                    Prague 13 District Headquarters

            Prague 13 comprises Stodůlky, Lužiny, Nové Butovice, Velká Ohrada and Třebonice. In the territory of Prague 13 there are both the start and the end of the D5 highway which goes to Plzeň and further to Germany. There are currently 63 000 citizens living in this area.

            The Luka and Lužiny shopping centers are very problematic areas as many night clubs and gambling clubs are located nearby. The officers, with the help of the Municipal Office, check if dog owners fulfill their duties. 


            Based on several complaints connected to problems with the waste disposal we have implemented stricter fines for disrespecting the no parking zones.

            Our cooperation with the Municipal Office's Officials and the State Police is of a high standard.


            Chief Executive of the Prague 13 District Headquarters

            Ing. Hynek Svoboda

            Employed since 1993


                                    Prague 14 District Headquarters

            The Prague 14 district is located in the north-eastern part of Prague and comprises former historical villages Kyje, Hloubětín, Hostavice and the recently built housing estates, Černý Most I. and II. There are more 45 000 citizens living in this area.

            In regard to maintaining the public order the officers deal with disturbing the night peace near the Černý most metro station. They also focus on car wrecks, unauthorized blocking of the sidewalks and the roads and polluting the public area.

            As to the traffic, the no entry zone near the Černý most metro station is constantly being disrespected and drivers keep driving through the bus terminal.

            Despite the new parking lots, there are still not enough parking spots as the number of cars in this area is constantly rising. This is due to constant building of new prefab houses, the rising number of cars owned by families and home-based businesses. Indiscipline of some drivers still remains a problem. Parking in the underground parking lots is not free and this causes the drivers to park their cars on sidewalks and in other inappropriate ways and places.

            Our cooperation with the State Police and other subjects is of a high standard.

            Chief Executive of the Prague 14 District Headquarters

            Ing. Bc. Dana Hetzlová

            Employed since 1991

                                    Prague 15 District Headquarters

            Prague 15 is located in the south-eastern part of the city and was founded in 1994 by combining the Horní Měcholupy and Hostivař districts. It has more than 30 000 citizens and its area totals at 10,2 km2.

            Most offences are committed by polluting or damaging the public area and by disturbing the night peace. Based on many complaints from the residents and the self-government officials the patrol activity in parks and playground has been increased. Our officers focus on trucks polluting the roads, teenagers disturbing the public order, graffiti, illegal waste dumps and dogs running off leash.

            In regard to the traffic the no stopping and no parking zones are frequently disrespected and drivers often park their vehicles on sidewalks.

            Our cooperation with the Municipal Office's officials and the State Police is of a high standard.


            Chief Executive of the Prague 15 District Headquarters

            Bc. Petr Sabol

            Employed since 1992

                        River Police Unit

            The River Police (RP) are specially trained officers. They are equipped with special instruments and boats and they operate on the Vltava river and other watercourses in the territory of Prague. The main function of this unit is to supervise the public order on the river itself, along its banks, including ports, moorings and sport clubs. This unit also assists ordinary officers during rescue missions and during other emergency situations, if needed. During said situations the RP can and will cooperate with the River Unit of the State Police, the State Watercraft Administration Office, the River Safety Service of the Czech Red Cross, the Water Guard of the Czech Piscatory Association, the Czech Fire Department, with Povodí Vltavy and other authorities operating on the river and other watercourses and water bodies. During 2012 the officers were carrying out their duty mostly in their boats but at nights, patrol cars were the main vehicle patrol were using. The main focus  of these patrols was inspecting if laws connected to watercraft traffic were obeyed and thus ensuring safety on the watercourse. These patrols are active during winter and summer. Another duty of the RP is to protect any property present on the watercourse, other water bodies (e.g. Džbán, Slatina, Jiviny, Libocký rybník, the dam in Hostivař) and in adjacent localities (particularly the city centre) where great number of people are present and the chance of any criminal activity is substantially higher.  

            At the beginning of the water sports season in April, the officers focus on citizens and tourist who choose to rent paddle boats and spend their free time at the river. This duty involves primarily giving orders and directions to those who by any chance get to a restricted area where one's health and safety are endangered.

            During the winter the patrol activity of the RP is focused on supervising the safe travel across of any frozen watercourses and water bodies. Officers monitor the state and thickness of the ice.

            In terms of the regular patrol activity the patrols remove any objects (such as tree trunks, barrels, pallets) that block the passage or that could cause damage to passing watercrafts.

            The RP also provides basic training (not to be considered professional training) of other officers from the Municipal Police. They teach basic skills required to operate special rescue equipment designed for use primarily in water. All departments of the MP must possess this equipment.

            The RP cooperates with other authorities and inspects fishermen at the Vltava river and other water bodies in the territory of Prague.

                        Reports and videos

            Training at the Slapy dam

            Training on ice

            Introducing the RP

            Chief Executive of the River Police unit

            Bc. Jaroslav Netroufal

            Employed since 1997

                        Patrolling Unit

            The Patrolling Unit supervises the safety and order in vehicles of the public transport and at the corresponding stations, depots and terminals. The officers cooperate with the employees of Dopravní podnik hl.m. Prahy and the State Police officers.

            On a daily basis, day and night, the officers contribute with their duty to maintaining the public order, safety of the citizens and property. Two-men patrols carry out their duty at the  metro stations and train stations entrusted to them. After their duty ends, they move on to different stations. At the transfer stations Můstek, Muzeum and Florenc there are more patrols constantly present.

            In terms of public order the most commonly committed offences include: disobeying local ordinances, polluting the public area, publicly accessible facilities and publicly beneficial facilities.

            At the Václav Havel Airport there is a separate headquarters of the Patrolling Unit. The officers from said headquarters supervise the public order and inspect on TAXI drivers. They also expel dangerous individuals from the airport halls and adjacent areas.


                        Police Dog Unit

            The Police Dog Unit (PDU) is an executive unit of the MP. This unit organizes professional training of the dogs and manages their participation in action. It also includes a special rescue unit which can be deployed in rescue missions. At the end of 2012 there were 20 trained dogs available in this unit. 13 of them were certified to participate in patrols and 7 of them had attestation for participating in rescue missions. The PDU assists other units of the MP during their patrols, namely in terms of maintaining the public order and hazardous inspections. On its own, the PDU inspects abandoned buildings and potentially hazardous areas (train stations, metro stations, peripheral areas of the city and garden colonies). The PDU also focuses on regular inspections of parks and protected landscape areas as well as localities with extremely high criminal activity.

            The Rescue Dog Group (RDG) dogs are trained to search debris for buried victims and missing or wanted people. The group is very closely connected to the Integrated Rescue System and works closely with the Fire Department of the Czech Republic; it also fulfills extraordinary tasks of the USAR team.

            In 2012, the RDG participated in 17 operations. 13 of them were focused on searching for missing persons (4 of which were buried in debris). The greatest achievement of the RDG is obtaining the 1st and the 3rd place in the category of groups and the 1st and the 3rd (two times) place in the category of individuals at the 8th Anniversary of the Mistrovství ČR v Záchranné Kynologii championship which took place September 14-16.

            The skills of the rescue dogs were retained in the race of the patrolling authorities. An officer of the PDU finished 2nd at the Mistrovství Obranářů SKS TART ČR championship.

            Furthermore, our dogs placed 3rd in the rescue disciplines in a race in Kaznějov. Finishing 3rd in the group category in the interational race in Bratislava is another great achievement of the PDU officers. They finished 2nd in the discipline of defence.

            Reports and videos

            The competition of dog trainers

            Dog trainers in the Divadelní street

            The Czech Republic Rescue Dog Championship 2012

            Chief Executive of the Police Dog Unit

            Bc. Jiří Pavlovský

            Employed since 1991

                        Education Unit

            The MP education system's goal is to trains officers and other employees for their functions and further develop their skills and knowledge. The Education Unit is responsible for this training. It is closely connected to other units and departments of the MP.

            This unit is a facility accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. It ensures the educational growth of its employees in the extent required to either gain, restore or expand their qualification for specific functions.

            The main functions of the Education Unit

- Provide a 5-month training required for handling a gun and coercive instruments; training by exposure to model situations

- Design the content and requirements of the (re)qualification courses

- Create the study materials for various courses

- Provide professional firearm license training and exams (only if required by the employer)

- Provide (re)qualifying driving courses for operating the patrol cars

- Design the disciplines in the particular courses

- Provide IT courses

- Provide language courses

- Physical fitness exams for officer applicants

            Reports and videos

            Officer training

            Chief Executive of the Education Unit

            Ing. Bc. Vladimír Shánělec

            Employed since 1993

                        Offences Administration Unit

            The Offences Administration Unit (OAU) controls and directs individual offence administration offices that are established at all District Headquarters. More importantly it is responsible for creating administrative agendas focused on dealing with the detected offences all around Prague. This involves (examples): assessing photographs taken by automatic traffic monitoring systems (speeding, red light running), collecting and then assigning and evaluating data from owners of motor vehicles that were involved in traffic accidents, recording these data into offence registry, printing and distributing official summons (e.g. to give an explanation), announcing offence proceedings to appropriate municipal offices, announcing offences to appropriate administrative authorities.

            Another major function of this unit is exacting money for unpaid fines. It works very closely with other administrative authorities, including the State Police.

            Chief Executive of the Offences Administration Unit

            Mgr. Eva Bartoňová

            Employed since 1994

                        Operations Control Center

            The Operations Control Center (OCC) organizes the  activity of all the executive units of the MP operating on the whole territory of Prague. It ensures continuous control of any activities of the patrolling officers, publishes information about current events in Prague (that are directly connected to the activity of the MP) and conveys it to respective chiefs and leaders. It also issues the daily situation report and ensures a constant connection to the control centers of other authorities. It follows orders of the Deputy for Operations, Chief Executive of the MP and other leaders appointed by the Chief Executive.

            Chief Executive of the Operations Control Center

            Ing. Milan Hendrych

            Employed since 1997

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