The preventive education has been a part of the MP's efforts since 1998. According to the "Prague Concept of Criminality Prevention for summers 2013 to 2016", the MP was appointed to carry out following activities:

  1. working with the youth
  2. providing information to the citizens
  3. education


The Department of Prevention of the Prague MP is also responsible for:

  1. ensuring that the MP contributes to prevention events organized by the Prague City Hall
  2. implementing MP's prevention, primary risk behavior prevention, primary drug abuse prevention, safety of traffic and hygiene education programs
  3. providing traffic education based on the program of the Department of Transportation and the general elementary education program
  4. cooperating with institutions of state administration and self-government, non-state non-profit organizations and institutions of Prague and the State Police
  5. leading, coordinating and controlling prevention activities and events of other departments and units